Covert Police Intelligence Operations Course

This 3-day course is designed to give the officer the tools and techniques needed to successfully conduct surveillance operations in support of narcotic and other investigations. Because the nature of undercover work is dangerous, special emphasis is given to officer safety by including hostile surveillance detection and counter-ambush training.  Here is a what we cover…..

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Experience or Skill, Which is More Important?

Recently, I ran a course with a buddy of mine who spent time in the British Special Forces.  Like most instructors, he opened with some brief comments about his background.  Now when I say, “brief” I mean his bio lasted about......uh....2 seconds.  He closed by saying, “In the end, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done in the past.  I’m only as good as the last job.”
That's an interesting statement.  In essence, what he said was experience and skills are not the same thingThey are very different and it’s critical that you grasp the distinction. Read more 

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Lessons From a Police Ambush

On January 7, 2016, Officer Jason Harnett, from the Philadelphia Police Department, come under fire as he sat in his patrol car. The attacker, Edward Archer, emptied 13 rounds into Harnett's vehicle, hitting him three times.

Initially, Harnett spotted Archer from the corner of his eye, advancing on him with a gun. The attack happened so fast, Harnett had only a split second to react. During the trial, Harnett testified that his first instinct was to take cover. However, due to his size and the equipment mounted inside the vehicle, Harnett had little room to maneuver.

As Archer continued to fire into the vehicle, three rounds ripped into Harnett's left arm. Trapped inside his squad car, Harnett had only one option left. He had to attack the attacker. And fast!

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