Covert Police Intelligence Operations Course


The world of undercover operations can be a dark and deadly place.  Get the training you need to get the job done and make it back home safe.

This 3-day course is designed to give the law enforcement officers the tools and techniques needed to successfully conduct surveillance in support of narcotic and other undercover operations. Because the nature of this work is dangerous, special emphasis is given to officer safety by including hostile surveillance detection and counter-ambush training.  Here is a synopsis of what we cover:

Day 1: Surveillance Operations 

Through the use of lecture, video and exercises in the field, deputies will be given training on the fundamental principles of planning and conducting surveillance operations. Topics include:

  • Introduction to physical surveillance
  • Detecting criminal behavior
  • Stationary, foot, and vehicle surveillance techniques
  • Single operator surveillance
  • Conducting surveillance in teams
  • And more

Day 2: Hostile Surveillance Detection

Ambush-style killings of law enforcement officers rose 167 percent in 2016. Whether it’s for two minutes or two hours, criminals typically conduct surveillance of an officer before initiating an attack. Therefore, it’s critical that officers are trained in the art of hostile surveillance detection and counter-ambush techniques. During this module, training we will cover:

  • Situational Awareness

  • Criminal Threat Cycle
  • Criminal Surveillance of Police
  • Threat Recognition and Observation
  • Detecting Surveillance
  • Anatomy of an Ambush
  • Counter-ambush Tactics

Day 3: Covert Weapons: Firearms Module

The firearms module is designed to enhance the safety and defensive capabilities of the officer while conducting surveillance or other covert operations. This module can be customized to conform to any departmental policies or procedures regarding the carry and use of a firearm while conducting surveillance and investigative operations. Training covers:

  •   Safety of carrying firearms covertly
  •   Draw and presentation from Concealment
  •   Unorthodox fighting positions
  •   Shooting from & around vehicles
  •   Vehicle deployments
  •   Use of cover and concealment
  •   Fire & Maneuver tactics

This is an "old school" surveillance course designed for those officers new to narcotic investigations and to experienced officers that need a refresher.  Day 3 can be taken as a stand alone course.

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