Threat Warnings for 4th of July


One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July. Who doesn’t like getting together with friends for BBQ, fireworks, and celebrating the founding of the greatest nation on earth?

It's also a time when our enemies scheme and plot to attack us.  Over the years, terrorist groups like A-Qaeda and ISIS, have encouraged their followers here to attack us at parades, celebrations and other public gatherings.

This week, federal authorities arrested Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts - aka Abdur Raheem Rafeeq - on terror related charges.  According to reports, Rafeeq was planning a large-scale attack in Cleveland area over the Fourth of July.

Thanks to our inept leaders and policy makers, the enemy now lives among us and is poised to strike anytime.  We must be prepared to take action to protect our family and community if the time comes.  

By all means, enjoy this blessed holiday and reflect on the virtues that our founders sought to enshrine within our Constitution.  At the same time, stay alert and pass this information on to anyone who may be at large gatherings over the 4th of July:


1.  Escape & evasion.  In the event of a large-scale attack, expect mass chaos and pandemonium.  Entrance and exit points will become congested, possibly dangerous.  Plan your evacuation routes ahead of time.  Choose a primary and secondary route in case your first choice is compromised.

2. Rally point.  If you become separated from loved ones during the fog of an attack, have a pre-designated rally point selected where you can link up with them later.  Just like the escape routes, have at least one secondary rally point selected in case you can't make it to the primary one.

3.  Communication.  Depending on the severity of the attack, the communication grid may temporarily go down.  During the Boston Marathon bombing, mobile phone carriers experienced a system overload as people jammed the network with inbound and outbound calls.  Since then, networks have improved greatly, but even the best tech can fail.  To avoid disaster, make sure all family and friends are briefed on the location of the escape plan and rally points.  That way, if the comms go down, everyone knows what to do.

4.  Go Bag.  It may be cliche, but it's sound advice.  Have a go bag stocked with water, snacks, and first aid - at a minimum.  You don't have to go "full-prepper" on this.  We're not expecting zombies and you probably won't have to shelter in place for months at a time.  We just need a little something to help us get from Point A to Point B safe, secure and in one piece.

While this is information is obvious to you who regularly read our newsletter, there's plenty people in your life who have never given it a thought.  Get this information into their hands.

Happy Independence Day.  It's a great time to be an American!

Stay sharp, 


Mark BooherComment