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Alea Iacta Est

Our motto at Barritus is Alea Iacta Est, or "The Die Is Cast."  It's an all-in philosophy predicated on the notion that when hostilities begin, there is no time for second thoughts or half-hearted motions.  Your survival - and those around you depends upon your speed of action and accuracy of results.  We believe the key to countering the emerging threats of the real world is found where the proper skill set and mindset meet.   At Barritus, our focus is to help you reach that point.  Contact us today to inquire about specific class or a class you'd like us to design around you.



Our team of mobile instructors can go anywhere to bring you the training and knowledge you need to accomplish your goal or mission.



We offer classes, lectures, and training seminars in the fields of self-defense; VIP/third party protection; tactical firearms; and threat recognition and assessment.



Our courses are designed to quickly move you from basic to advanced levels and help you succeed regardless of your background.

Get the Intel You Need


Join a team that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you're active duty or a private citizen, we want to provide insights that will help you stay safe and protect your community.