Cell Tower Technology (Law Enforcement Officers) (8 Hours)

Cell Tower Technology (Law Enforcement Officers) (8 Hours)


This cutting edge course is designed to teach Law Enforcement officers how cell phone towers work, how they can be utilized in an
investigation and how to obtain the correct data needed from the mobile phone companies.

With the surge in mobile phone usage in the criminal community, the cell tower records are one of the most useful but misunderstood forms of investigative data. A solid understanding of cell towers and their data will provide the investigating officer with a myriad of information pertinent to the suspect they are pursuing.
Through use of videos, pictures, animations and accounts of events that have occurred, the instructor will train you how to effectively gather vital information from cell tower records to use in the prosecution of criminals.

Topics include:

  • Cell Tower Records and What They Contain
  • How to Obtain the Correct Records the First Time!
  • Understanding and Interpreting Cell Tower Information
  • Search Warrant Language
  • Proper Use of Cell Tower Information in the Courtroom
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