Police Interrogations For Experienced Criminals (8 Hours)

Police Interrogations For Experienced Criminals (8 Hours)


Interrogating people accused of committing crimes is a vital task for law enforcement officers, yet this critical topic is often mythologized and misunderstood.  The ability conduct a successful interrogation is both a science and an art.  It takes a highly trained interrogator who commands the skills of a journalist, counselor, psychologist, and human lie detector, to obtain a truthful and powerful confession that helps win the case.

Through the use of lecture, video, and table-top discussion, this course will explore the topics of:

  • Interview Theories & Strategies,
  • Detecting Deception From Your Subject,
  • Types of Denial Responses,
  • Psychological Operations “Inside the Box,”
  • Use of Statement Analysis,
  • The Science Behind Increasing Your Confession Rates,
  • Avoiding Common Traps & Pitfalls,
  • Defending Your Interrogation In Court, and
  • Much More..

The Systematic Interrogation Method is the only course uniquely designed by veteran interrogators from the military, law enforcement, and prosecutorial fields, which delivers proven methodologies designed to hone and develop your skills as an effective interrogator.  

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