Real Estate Agents' Safety Survival Course

Real Estate Agents' Safety Survival Course


Most people would not consider real estate a dangerous career field, but every year, both men and women agents are regularly assaulted, robbed, or even murdered at the hands of someone they thought was a potential buyer.

So what to do?  Take a self-defense class?   

  • Self-defense training is good, but physical skills are perishable.
  • Are you going to devote the time it takes to train and maintain these skills so you can perform under pressure?
  • Most self-defense programs fail to recognize there is an entire chain of events leading up to the attack.  

The problem with focusing purely on self-defense techniques is that it teaches you only to respond to an attack, not to detect it and avoid it.  


The Real Estate Agent’s Safety Survival Course will prepare you to develop your own safety and security plan by:

  1. Raising Your Awareness Levels
  2. Understanding of Patterns and Dynamics of Violence
  3. Enhancing Your Defensive Capabilities

Through the use of lecture, table top discussions, and practical exercises, the course will cover: 

  • Recent trends & statistics in violence against realtors.  
  • Situational Awareness and how it can save your life.
  • Two military tools YOU can use to gauge danger levels and control an attack scenario.  
  • Why YOU need to be more vigilant than a police officer if you suspect a person is a threat to you.
  • How to recognize common verbal and non-verbal indicators that proceed an attack….so that you’re a step ahead of the attack BEFORE it’s even started!  
  • How to turn ANY common ordinary item in a weapon to discourage or defend against an attack. (Why tasers, pepper spray, or mace may not be realistic options.)

Training Requirements:

✦ Classroom/lecture hall
✦ Audio/visual equipment to run PowerPoint style presentation
✦ Open space to run exercises

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