Church Security & Awareness Training

Church Security & Awareness Training


Churches around the world are becoming targets for protests, predators, and even terrorists. America is not immune. Since 2012, violent attacks in churches experienced an increase of 36% nationwide. 

The openness of our churches makes them easy targets for criminals, the mentally ill, and other people seeking to cause harm. Even in a small congregation, there may be people dealing with extreme emotional upheaval and problems at home. These problems have the potential to spill over into the congregation putting others at risk.

The key to effective security lies in prevention. Teams must be trained not only to recognize suspicious behavior, but must also have a plan to deal with trouble effectively and humanely.

Through the use of lecture, table-top discussions, and practical exercises, training topics will include:


Session One

  • Statistics & Trends in Church Violence
  • Biblical Authority for Church Safety & Security
  • Patterns & Dynamics of Church Attacks
  • Differences between Odd & Suspicious Behavior
  • Recognizing Suspicion Indicators
  • Principles of Situational Awareness
  • Communication with the Security Team


Session Two

  • Approaching Suspicious Individuals
  • Dealing with Mentally Disturbed Individuals
  • Verbal Conflict Management & De-Escalation Tactics
  • Control & Compliance of Disruptive Individuals
  • AND MORE... 

Concept of the Training

Barritus believes that security is the responsibility of every individual. Therefore, Session 1 is open to all members of the congregation. We believe this will enhance the overall security of the church by raising the awareness levels of all members. Session 2 is the hands-on portion restricted to members of the church security team.

Training Requirements:

✦ Classroom/lecture hall
✦ Audio/visual equipment to run PowerPoint style presentation
✦ Open space to run drills & exercises for security team

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