Tactical Seminars



Tactical Firearms Courses

  • Pistol 1 | 2 | 3
  • Carbine 1 | 2 | 3

Our tactical firearm courses are built around the US military and Israeli combat methodology to develop the correct mindset needed to act aggressively to engage the threat, while maintaining a level head to make sound tactical decisions.  Our level 1 through 3 courses for pistol and carbine platforms will take you from basic shooting fundamentals to moving and shooting with speed and accuracy under pressure.  We train with the world's top security and counter-terrorism professionals and transmit that knowledge to you in our courses.

Defense Against Car-Jacking & Vehicular Assault 

  • Develop Situational Awareness
  • Take Decisive Action
  • Protect Yourself | Your Passengers | Your kids
  • Real World Scenarios & Attack Drills

This course deals with situations involving road-rage and car-jackings.  The topics will cover de-escalation tactics for road-rage scenarios as well as handling car-jacking situations both in and out of the vehicle.  Close quarter training in other confined areas like airplane, bus, and train, travel will also be covered.

Close Quarter Combat & Defensive Tactics

  • Proper Mindset & Awareness
  • Basic Strikes & Striking Sequences
  • Situational Attacks
  • Footwork that Protects You
  • Defense Against Edged Attacks
  • Defense Against Firearms

Not a martial arts class!  Learn the same unarmed defensive tactics used by the U.S. Air Marshall Service, military, and other real world operatives.  This course teaches simple, yet devastating ways to end a dangerous physical encounter without the need of exceptional strength or skill.



Domestic Terrorism Course:

what local law enforcement needs to know


Domestic terror attacks are increasing in frequency and lethality.  Particularly in the West, where attacks in Europe and America are happening so fast it’s hard to keep up with the details as they unfold.  

A new era is emerging in  world of terrorism.  When a tragic event strikes on our streets, it's not members of the CIA, FBI, or the military that arrive first on the scene, it's the local police. They are the ones rushing into the chaos to protect life, secure the scene and to safeguard evidence. Furthermore, police are increasingly becoming the victims of targeted attacks by these terrorists and other leftist groups. There is a common perception that nothing can be done about or guard against these attacks, but that is wrong.  The fact the local authorities are often in a better position to intercept and thwart a domestic terror attack than their federal counterparts.  But it takes knowledge.  And it takes training.  

Utilizing tactics and strategies from the US and Israeli counter-terror methods, Domestic Terrorism: What Local Law Enforcement Needs to Know will raise the officer's awareness and understanding of the threat and enhance their defensive capabilities to protect their communities against these attacks.


Day 1

Threat Concepts

·      The Myth of the  Lone Wolves

·      Psychology & Motivations of Terrorists

·      Radicalization in the Digital Age

·      The Terrorist Threat Cycle

·      Predicting & Intercepting Attacks

·      Case Studies & Lessons From Recent Attacks

·      AND MORE....

Day 2

Proactive Defense Techniques

·     Terrorist Ideology and Recruiting

·      Recognizing Terrorist Networks in Your Community

·      Why the Police Are Targeted

·      Counter Ambush Tactics

·      Hostile Surveillance Detection

·      Terrorist Cover stories and Tradecraft

·     Case Studies of Patrol Officers Intercepting and Thwarting Attacks

·      AND MORE….