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Church Defender Firearms Training

This is a custom handgun training course open to select members of armed church security teams.   We will cover the fundamentals of defensive handgun through a security context within church settings.  


 - Efficient Draw & Presentation from Concealment

 - Shooting Fundamentals

 - Combat Reloads

 - Clearing jams and malfunctions

 - Various Shooting Postitions

 - Shooting & Moving


  - Semi-auto pistol w/ holster

  - 2 magazines

  - 200 rounds ammo

  - Eye protection

  - Hearing protection

  - Knee Pad (optional)

  - Hydration

  - Snacks         

  - Rain Gear (we train rain or shine)

To book an event for your church group, please call 479-871-7580 or through our contact page here.