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Close Quarters Combat Knife & Empty Hand Combatives

TOPIC: The knife culture on the streets is growing, not shrinking.  Knife attacks are up world-wide and in some instances, racking up the same body count as active shooting events. Most people are grossly under prepared when it comes to handling a knife-wielding assailant.  Knife training is the best way to survive and counter a knife attack.  Many people include a knife in their every day carry, but few are trained to use it.  That changes now.

This introductory course presents the basic system of skills with the knife for use as a personal defense weapon or as a backup to your concealed carry firearm.  This course will give you the skills and confidence you need to effectively employ the knife tactically, while increasing your ability to detect and defeat potential threats.

Special emphasis will be given to:

•    Recognizing Knife Motion & Patterns

•    Flow & Directions of Knife Attacks

•    Footwork to Protect Yourself

•    Counter-Offense to Neutralize the Threat

•    Realistic Empty Hands Counters Against Knife Attack

•    Hand to Hand Combatives Training, AND MORE!!


  • Rubber Training Knife (Boker training knife recomended)
  • Eye protection
  • Hyrdation & snacks for sustaiment during training
  • Boxing mitts, hockey glove or other hand protection gear is recommended, but not required.

DATE AND TIME:  August 25, 2018, 9am-12pm

LOCATION:  Kimbel Mechanical Systems Conference Room, 1936 N. Shiloh Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72704

PRICE:  $45.00

CALL 479-871-7580 or visit for more information.   

INSTRUCTOR:  MARK BOOHER, JD, CPS, is the Senior Instructor for Barritus, an intelligence and security training company serving the military, law enforcement, and the private sector.  

Mark is a veteran of the United States Army where he spent 5 years in the intelligence and security field specializing in force protection.  He is also a Certified Executive Protection Specialist and has traveled to Israel to study counter-terrorism, security, shooting methods there.  

Following his military service, Mark studied law at the University of Arkansas and spent 6 years as a deputy prosecuting attorney.  During his time, he prosecuted hundreds of cases involving shootings, batteries, and other violent crimes.  Mark has contracted with the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Fortune 500.  He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers in over 30 states and is a contribute to the Counter Terrorist Magazine.




Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

There are no age requirements for this event.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For questions or inquires, please email or call (479) 871-7580

What's the refund policy?

Full refund if notice is given 21 days before the event.  Refunds for cancellations less than 21 days before the event are left up to our discretion.  Typically, we will credit your fee to the next event.  We cannot be held responsible for cancellations for inclement weather, earthquakes, tornados, floods, or other Acts of God.


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